Our Story

YourEncore was founded in 2003 to act as a retiree return program for Lilly, P&G and Boeing. Over the past 14 years, we’ve grown and evolved into a flexible resourcing and consulting community, supporting hundreds of clients ranging from global market leaders to small and medium businesses.

What began as a small office of only 6 employees in a small 15 x 40 ft nook in Indianapolis, a couple hundred Experts, and a handful of Fortune 100 clients in the life sciences and consumer industries has now evolved into over 70 employees across the United States, a diverse client roster across several industries – with companies ranging from small biotechs to legacy Fortune 50 companies, and over 10,000 Experts and growing. Oh, and that nook? It’s now the IT room.

Pioneers in leveraging and engaging the contingent workforce, YourEncore now provides customized solutions for clients to flexibly engage highly-experienced, top talent to accelerate business initiatives.

Experts and growing

Projects completed

What Our Clients Say

“YourEncore owns the gray zone, where decisions are not always black and white – where experience and sound judgement separate success from failure.” – Joseph Lamendola, Former VP, U.S. Regulatory Affairs at Bristol-Myers Squibb

“YourEncore exceeded the expectation of even our most demanding internal team members.” – Pharma Executive

“[YourEncore] reinforces our hypothesis that bringing in people from the outside definitely does add value. It lends a different perspective to some of the things that we are trying to do internally.” – Product Development Team Member at Roche

Our Leadership

Laura Bledsoe Managing Director, Human Resources
Tim Franson, M.D. Chief Medical Officer
Gene James Managing Director, Technology
Jason LaMotta Global Account Partner
Joseph Lamendola, Ph.D. SVP, Biopharmaceutical Practice
Brad Lawson President, Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder
Shannon Johnson Managing Director, Operations
Stuart Rabkin Managing Director, Innovation
Mike Runkel Managing Director, Finance
Tim Tichenor Chief Financial Officer
Donna Wadleigh Managing Director, Sales Operations & Talent Acquisition

Board of Directors

John Barnard, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board

Brad Lawson, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of YourEncore

Tim Tichenor, Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer at YourEncore

John Celentano, Board Member

James M. Cornelius, Board Member

Joe Moidl, Board Member