What It Means to be a YourEncore Expert

YourEncore was founded in 2003 to act as a retiree return program for Lilly, P&G and Boeing. Over the past 14 years, we’ve grown and evolved into a flexible resourcing and consulting community, supporting hundreds of clients ranging from global market leaders to small and medium businesses. While our client base is quite diverse, there is one common denominator: they come to YourEncore for experienced, proven industry leaders, professionals and technical Experts to fill capacity or capability gaps, drive innovation, solve problems and make decisions, and recover lost knowledge by bringing former employees and retirees back into the fold.

Our Mission

To make a difference for patients and consumers by enabling our Experts to provide our clients with solutions based on their lifetime of proven expertise to help develop products that are essential to healthier, safer and richer lives.


Our Core Values


Passion: We inspire others with our thirst for excellence.

Attitude: Our positive attitude drives positive results.

Integrity: We do what we say we will do, when we say we will do it.



Impact: We make a difference for clients, our company, the world and ourselves.

Value: We care to build real value over perceived value.

Curiosity: We seek out new influences and ideas to drive innovation, services and continuous improvement.



Teamwork: We collaborate and contribute effectively within and outside our expertise.

Innovation: We nobly with knowledge pursue the impossible.

Simplicity: We strive for effectiveness and simplicity at all times.