Frequently Asked Questions

About YourEncore
Who can enroll in YourEncore?

YourEncore Experts include a diverse mix of highly experienced technical experts, clinicians, entrepreneurs, and professionals with the expertise and passion to create, innovate, and contribute to the success of our clients. We are currently looking for scientists, engineers, product developers, market research experts, quality control and quality assurance experts, medical professionals, and business development managers.

What types of companies does YourEncore partner with?

YourEncore serves many of the top companies in the biopharmaceutical/biotech, medical devices, and consumer goods industries. Our clients include many Fortune 500 multinational companies including Procter & Gamble, Eli Lilly, Boeing, and General Mills. We also serve hundreds of fast growing, innovative small-to-mid-sized companies.

When did YourEncore begin operations?

The company began operations in the U.S. in 2003. YourEncore is headquartered in Indianapolis with offices in Yardley, PA and Cincinnati, OH, with legal entities in the U.K. and Germany. You can read more about our story here.

How Does It Work
How do Experts know their compensation rate for a given project?

YourEncore will share the compensation rate for a project. The rate is also included in the Engagement Agreement sent to the Expert.

Are Expert compensation rates the same for each assignment they have through YourEncore?

Not necessarily. Compensation rates can vary due to differences in project type, skills required, marketplace standards, and client expectations.

How is Expert compensation determined?

YourEncore strives to achieve compensation rates that are fair to the Expert and consistent with the marketplace. Expert compensation is influenced by a number of factors including: project type, skills required, marketplace standards, and client expectations.

Are there limits on assignment length or the number of hours Experts can work?

Some clients impose limitations on the length of assignments, the number of hours that can be worked in a one-year period, or the length of continuous employment. In addition, Experts who work on multiple projects in the same time period should be aware that any hours exceeding 40 in a week are considered overtime and must be compensated accordingly under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Experts must have approval from YourEncore prior to working overtime.

How many assignments can Experts work on?

There is no limit to the number of assignments Experts can work on through YourEncore. However, there may be limits to the number of hours Experts can work in a given fiscal or calendar year for a particular client. Experts should contact their YourEncore account team with questions.

Do Experts have to accept offered assignments?

No. Experts are not obligated to accept any assignment. Experts should agree only to those assignments that are consistent with their interests and availability, and which they are confident they can complete successfully.

What types of opportunities does YourEncore offer enrolled experts?

YourEncore offers Experts short-term project engagements that can last anywhere from a few days to more than a year. They may be remote positions or located on-site with the client. YourEncore specializes in providing the skills and expertise of scientists, clinicians, engineers, product developers, packaging and logistics Experts, and other technical disciplines.

Are there restrictions on how long Experts must be retired or separated before they can begin working on projects for the company they retired or separated from?

These types of restrictions vary by company. Many companies prohibit former employees who have been retired or separated for a year or less from consulting with the company. Please alert YourEncore if this may apply to you.

Do Experts work as employees of YourEncore?

Yes. When working on YourEncore assignments, Experts are employees of YourEncore.

Does being an Expert preclude me from other opportunities?

No. YourEncore offers Experts the flexibility to spend time with family or on hobbies, paid work, volunteering and other passions – including other YourEncore projects.

How long is a typical assignment?

Projects range from one-hour consultations to part- or full-time work for a year or more, based on client needs.

Do Experts work on-site at the client’s location?

Project location may be virtual/remote or on-site at client offices, affiliate locations or worldwide.

How does YourEncore match Experts and clients together?

We work closely with clients to gain an in-depth understanding of their challenges and goals. To identify the best available expert, we then query our database of experts and may also reach out to other specialists in the industry. Once a candidate is identified for an assignment, we contact him or her to discuss qualifications, interest, and availability before sharing their resume with the client. After briefing the candidate on the project and the client’s requirements and expectations, YourEncore will schedule an alignment call between the client and expert to evaluate fit and expertise.

How can I enroll as an Expert?

Click here to learn more about YourEncore and create your resume. Remember, the more detail the better. If you have questions, send us a message.

What information about their YourEncore assignments can Experts add to their resume or share with potential employers?

Experts may share general descriptions of the types of work conducted on their resumes or with potential employers. To fully protect our clients, these descriptions must be generic and focus on the skills used and not the details of the assignment. Examples of descriptions include “quality control in the pharmaceutical industry” or “process development in consumer product manufacturing.” Experts should list the employer as YourEncore, Inc., and not disclose the names of the client or personnel involved nor mention specifically the client’s product or product line. Please contact YourEncore with any questions.

Are Experts required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement?

Yes. Experts must sign a confidentiality agreement prior to any discussions with account team members or clients about a project. Once the agreement has been signed, it applies to all future projects. Clients may also ask Experts to sign additional confidentiality agreements.

Technical Support
How do I view the status of previously submitted expense reports?

Log into iAccess and use the Search bar in the upper left.  Click on the expense report you wish to view and the status of the report will be shown in the upper left.

After I’ve entered and saved my expense details in iAccess, is there anything else I need to do?

As long as you have uploaded your receipts to each applicable line item and successfully submitted your expense report, you are finished.

What if I forgot to enter my time for the week?

Contact your project accountant for assistance.

What should I do if I see an error message that states I have exceed the budgeted hours or expenses for the project?

Contact your project accountant to let them know the budgeted hours or expenses have been exceeded.

What should I do if I cannot find my project in the dropdown list?

Contact your project accountant to ensure you are set up correctly on the project.

How can I retrieve my username and/or reset my password for iAccess?

You can retrieve your username and reset your password on the Access Assistant page.

How do I enter an Expense Report with iAccess?

Please watch the instructional video located here.

How often should I submit my timesheet?

Please submit your timesheet at the end of every week.

How do I enter a timesheet with iAccess?

Please watch the instructional video located here.

I have attempted to log in, but am unable to get past the second login screen. I entered my username and password and it appears in all capital letters. I select login and get an error message stating ‘Invalid Login Attempt.’

When you get to the second login screen, you do not need to enter your login information again.  Simply click the Windows Authentication check box and click Login.  (The User field will be filled, but Password is not visible for security purposes.)

What do I enter for the domain on the login screen for iAccess?

Enter YOURENCORE in the domain field when prompted for your Login Credentials.  Click the Use Another Account option and include the with your username (i.e. and then your iAccess password.

How do I log into iAccess for the first time?

To log into iAccess for the first time, you need to obtain your username and password – also known as credentials.  Please watch the instructional videos here.

Can I use my Profile Builder password for entering time and expenses in iAccess?

No.  Currently the Profile Builder and iAccess use different credentials and are managed separately.

What is TouchTime?

TouchTime is the iAccess mobile application.  You can use TouchTime to submit your timesheet or expense reports from your cell phone or tablet.

What is iAccess?

iAccess is YourEncore’s Time and Expense system.  iAccess provides an electronic way for you to submit your hours through an online timesheet form and also allows you to submit your expenses and upload receipts for reimbursement through an online expense report form.

Working Internationally
Can Experts who reside in the U.S. work on assignments for a client that has operations only in Europe and vice versa?

Yes. Experts who live in the U.S. can work on projects for clients based in Europe and vice versa. Due to travel costs, these projects are typically done virtually.

Managing Your Profile
How can I update my primary resume?

Contact to request that your Primary Resume be updated.

What if I have multiple versions of my resume that I would like to share with YourEncore?

You can upload multiple files to your profile. Only one resume can be designated as your Primary Resume. Other resumes provided are used as supplements to the primary resume. Uploaded Resumes and other documents you have provided are managed in the Resume and Documents section within My Profile. The designated Primary Resume is noted next to the file name.

I forgot my username and password for YourEncore’s profile bulder. How can I retrieve it?

You can retrieve your Profile Builder password by selecting the Forgot Password link. You can enter your email address and a reset link will be provided.

I already have an Expert Profile. How do I update it?

From the For Experts area of the YourEncore website, click on Already an Expert and then Manage Profile. The login screen will display for YourEncore’s Profile Builder.