Expert Thought Leadership Initiative

As an organization that was founded upon the principle that experience matters, we want to showcase the experience of our Experts and the thought leadership they have established over the course of their careers.

From developing life-saving drugs, to collaborating on some of the world’s most innovative products, our Experts have done it all.

It’s time to share their stories.

Are you a YourEncore Expert interested in participating in the Expert Thought Leadership Initiative?

Please fill out and submit the form to initiate the content development and launch process.

If you already have a piece of content created, you are welcome to accelerate the process by uploading a Word or PowerPoint document.

For more information on the Expert Thought Leadership Initiative and the various forms of content we can produce, download an informational presentation here.

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Expert Thought Leadership Initiative

Share your expertise by collaborating on digital content pieces, or share ideas for hot topics we should cover.

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The Standing Ovation Award is a way to honor Experts for their outstanding work. Nominate a fellow Expert or learn more.

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