Unlock Potential Through Innovation

Unlock your organization’s potential through innovation by leveraging the diversity and deep experience of our Expert Community.

With YourEncore’s innovation offerings, you can accelerate discoveries, engage world-class talent with deep industry knowledge, and access best industry practices to out think and outperform your competition.

Our Experts have delivered hundreds of innovation projects spanning all of the industries we serve that have helped cut millions of dollars in production costs, and have provided breakthrough solutions to develop some of the world’s most innovative products.

We offer a variety of innovation services, from hosting one-day workshops with our world-renowned Innovation Experts, to developing custom cross-functional innovation teams through our innFusion program.

By harnessing the thought leadership of our Experts to uncover industry trends and develop new ways of thinking, YourEncore is there to help with every step of the way – from ideation to implementation.

Innovation Capabilities

Innovation Strategy

Focused Problem Solving

Consumer, Customer & Market Insights

Concept Creation & Prioritization

Open Innovation

Global Technology & Partner Scouting

Validation, Vetting & Due Diligence

Intellectual Property Management

Protocept & Prototype Development

Go-to-Market Strategy

Scale-up & Market Expansion

Internal Innovation Capability Development