Timothy J. Tichenor

Chief Financial Officer, Co-Founder

Tim co-founded YourEncore in 2003 to help clients within the life sciences and consumer goods industries effectively drive growth, mitigate risk, accelerate innovation, and improve margins. He currently serves as the company’s Chief Financial Officer and member of the Board of Directors. He is also Managing Director of Pearl Street Venture Funds, L.P.  Tim provides strategic financial leadership in both of his roles and has been instrumental in growing YourEncore and various portfolio companies. His investment portfolio currently includes both pharmaceutical and technology companies.

Throughout the last 16 years, Tim has been instrumental in scaling the company to serve over 125 clients worldwide, including Fortune 100 companies. He has played a critical role in expanding the network to include more than 14,000 experts worldwide and establishing Centers of Excellence in Quality, Regulatory, Clinical Development, and Product Innovation. Tim has led the company’s financing, including debt and equity.

At Pearl Street Venture Funds and other holding companies, he has led the due diligence efforts for deals under investment consideration. Tim has also led syndicated financing for key portfolio investments that include an aseptic manufacturing facility, among others. He has participated as an investor in selling early stage companies to both publicly traded companies and private equity firms.

As both an entrepreneur and investor, Tim is familiar with the challenges and processes involved in growing early stage companies. His strengths include developing and deploying effective strategies, identifying and creating efficient systems for scale, and developing sustainable operations that create enterprise value with limited human and capital resources.

Tim’s business approach involves analyzing proven metrics to measure performance and making appropriate adjustments to drive business value. He also believes that transparent, authentic communication is critical for all business matters. He credits these principles with much of his success growing and advising dozens of emerging businesses.

Prior to his current work, Tim has also served on numerous advisory boards, economic development committees, and business development task forces that contributed to his analytical and strategic planning abilities. His history of success growing companies and making sound investments is a testament to his strong business and financial experience.

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