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Branding Yourself      

Thank you!  As an previously engaged YourEncore Expert, we want to first and foremost show our appreciation.  Your exemplary service is critical to helping our clients outthink, outpace, and outperform.

We are committed to providing you the tools and resources needed to improve your personal brand and market yourself with the goal of finding more project opportunities through YourEncore.  To date we have provided tools such as Job Postings, Expert Marketing Profiles, and the Expert Thought Leadership Initiative to help you find opportunities, convey your unique experiences in a compelling way, and communicate your unique perspectives to the clients.

Now as a previously engaged Expert, we are providing you another exciting tool, the Project Spotlight.  The Project Spotlight is a simple, 1-page, YourEncore branded to sales sheet which allows you the opportunity to communicate, in your own words, specific details about your previous YourEncore engagements including:

  • The client’s challenge and why your skillset, expertise was required
  • The work you performed the course of the program
  • The value your work delivered to the client
  • Why you were uniquely qualified to support this opportunity

To download an example, click here.

How the Program Works

To prepare your Project Spotlight, we need your help to convey the “Project Spotlight” details below.  As you prepare your project spotlight, please be sure to maintain confidentiality by not stating the client name, specific recommendations, or other details which could communicate overtly who the client in question is.

Once we get your information, we will work with the client business development team, including Account Delivery Managers, to refine the information, ensure client confidentialy, and ensure alignment on the project details before gathering your final approval to share with other clients.

Uploading a Professional Headshot

A professional headshot is preferred, although not required.  In order to maintain a consistent look and feel, YourEncore has established the following marketing standards as guidelines for headshots:

  • Must be a professional headshot (i.e., taken by a professional photographer, in a professional studio)
  • May be either a chest-up (body) shot or a shoulders-up (head) shot
  • Please wear business professional attire (i.e., clothing suitable for an interview)
  • The photo must be a high resolution image file (.png, .jpg, .gif) – the max upload size is 100MB and only one file may be uploaded
Project Spotlight Form
Project Spotlight
First Name
Last Name

Your email will be used to verify your identity and to confirm that your are an enrolled expert.


If you have been engaged on multiple projects, this helps us determine which project you are referring to. This will not be shared in the actual Project Spotlight in order to maintain confidentiality.

Client Name

Give 3-4 words that communicate the overall theme/essence of the project. This will be the material's heading.

Project Name

In 1 short sentence, convey the value you delivered to the client throughout the project.

Experience Headline

In 2-4 short, concise sentence, communicate based on your understanding the business challenge the client was dealing with and why they came to YourEncore in search for an expert, such as yourself.

Client Situation

In 1-2 sentences, convey why you were uniquely positioned to support this opportunity such as therapeutic area expertise, specific technical knowledge or past experience with the client.

Success Statement

In 2-3 sentences, communicate the work you performed over the project.

Project Details

Write 2-4 value statements (i.e. bullets) that convey the key results and outputs you were able to provide to the client. The more quantifiable (i.e. 20% cost savings) the results, the better.


Write a short paragraph summarizing your career, past work experiences and core competencies.

Profile Summary

Already have a headshot? Please verify that it meets the guidelines on the left before uploading. Need a headshot? Use any vendor of your choice, following the guidelines on the left. Note that a headshot is not required to submit your "highlight reel."

Drop a file here or click to upload Choose File
Maximum upload size: 52.43MB
Upload Your Professional Headshot


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