Expert Referral Program

Refer an Expert- How It Works

Refer a new Expert to YourEncore and receive $500 USD if they are placed on a client project within one year of their enrollment date.

How do I refer someone? Simply complete the Expert Referral Form. We take care of the rest and keep you informed along the way!

When will I receive my Impact Incentive? Referrals are reviewed monthly to identify newly engaged Experts. Payment is processed within 30 days of the start of the referred Experts project.

Who’s a good fit for YourEncore?

· Someone interested in and looking for project-based work in one of the following industries:

· Biopharma & Biotech, Medical Devices & Diagnostics, Consumer Packaged Goods, Consumer Health/Nutrition, Food & Beverage

· Someone like you, who shares a passion for driving client value

· Someone rich in experience and/or technical know-how

· Someone with a passion to create, innovate and make a difference

For questions, please call the Expert Hotline at 1-866-YE-EXPERT (1-866-933-9737) or email

Eligibility: Must be an existing YourEncore Expert, enrolled and active at time of referral. Eligibility may be dependent upon existing YourEncore-Expert contracts. Projects sourced through Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are excluded from this program. The referring Expert is not required to be engaged on the project to be eligible.

Expert Referral Form
Refer an Expert

Once your referral has been submitted, they will receive an email with information about YourEncore and instructions on how to enroll, along with your personal message if you choose to provide one.

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Refer an Expert

Earn rewards for helping us reach and engage new Experts.

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Share your expertise by collaborating on digital content pieces, or share ideas for hot topics we should cover.

Standing Ovation Award

The Standing Ovation Award is a way to honor Experts for their outstanding work. Nominate a fellow Expert or learn more.

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