Webinar – Remote Audits in the COVID-19 Era

By YourEncore Webinars

Remote Audits: Practical Guidance for Ensuring Effective Internal and Vendor Audits in the COVID-19 Era

In this webinar, YourEncore’s Quality experts Liz Wool, Michelleanne Bradley, and Matthew Azuh, discuss the strategic insights and practical instruction required to ensure successful remote audits in the COVID19 era.

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote audits have become a necessity for verifying data integrity, human subject protections, quality, compliance, and reducing risk.

This interactive, highly informative discussion covers:

  • Select regulatory positions on remote auditing, including the FDA, EMA, and MHRA
  • The similarities and differences for the preparation and planning of remote vs. on-site audits
  • Practical instruction on preparing, documenting, reporting, and follow-up
  • And more.
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