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In the past, we’ve provided you with Tips for Writing an Effective Resume and other tools to help you develop your personal brand and market yourself.  We plan to continue to improve how we market you to YourEncore clients, and want to continue to increase your awareness around how you can help YourEncore do this.

One way is Proactive Submittals.  We produce a professional profile for you and submit it to a targeted list of clients and contacts based on your background and input.  However, we can’t do this unless you help us identify where you think you are the best fit by transforming your resume into an Expert Marketing Profile.

Your resume/CV is and always will be an important tool, as we use it as a means to identify you for client opportunities via keyword searches. It provides YourEncore with a comprehensive view of your entire professional history, including a full account of your capabilities/skills, accomplishments, education, and work history.

An Expert Marketing Profile, on the other hand, extracts the most significant details from your resume/CV and summarizes them in the context of the type of work you want to do and the industry you want to work in. It is a one-page, YourEncore-branded profile summary, and should focus only on the high-level aspects of your experience/expertise that are relevant to the project work that you are currently, actively pursuing.

Here’s How It Works:

To prepare your Expert Marketing Profile for Proactive Submittals, YourEncore needs you to tell us how to market you by providing your “highlight reel” below.

A professional headshot is preferred, although not required.  In order to maintain a consistent look and feel, YourEncore has established the following marketing standards as guidelines for headshots:

  • Must be a professional headshot (i.e., taken by a professional photographer, in a professional studio)
  • May be either a chest-up (body) shot or a shoulders-up (head) shot
  • Please wear business professional attire (i.e., clothing suitable for an interview)
  • The photo must be a high resolution image file (.png, .jpg, .gif) – the max upload size is 100MB and only one file may be uploaded

Expert Marketing Profile Highlight Reel
Expert Marketing Profile

Your email will be used to verify your identity and to confirm that you are an enrolled Expert.


The following fields (1-7) map to the sections outlined in blue on this sample profile. Please refer to yourself in the third person so that the narrative is YourEncore speaking to the client.

How do you want your name to appear at the top of your Expert Marketing Profile? (If applicable, indicate M.D., Ph.D., etc.)

Name (1)

Write a Expertise Headline, or a phrase (15 words or less) about who you are from an expertise standpoint. What are you an expert in?

Expertise Headline (2)

In 1 sentence (15 words or less) about what you do from an experience standpoint (in the present tense). What are you highly experienced in?

Experience Headline (3)

In 1-3 sentences (ideally, 30 words or less) describe a success story by highlighting an achievement/accomplishment or an important event in your career.

Success Statement (4)

In 3-5 paragraphs (125-150 words max.), summarize your career highlights, expertise areas, positions you hold/have held, etc. Your Profile Summary should tell a story. Be a storyteller vs. copying your resume to your profile. Don't miss out on a golden opportunity to convey your brand in a unique way!

Profile Summary (5)

List 5-10 of your specialties or core competencies (5 words or less per specialty).

Specialties (6)

List your top 1-5 degrees or certifications- provide the college/institution and degree(s) only.

Education/Training (7)

What types of projects or roles are you interested in?

Other Interested Projects/Rolls

Already have a headshot? Please verify that it meets the guidelines to the left before uploading.

Need a headshot? Use any vendor of your choice, following the guidelines to the left. Note that a headshot is not required to submit your "highlight reel."

Upload Your Professional Headshot.

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